How do I roll-out or do a deployment ?

Dashboard basics

Before you do rollout / rollbacks its good to know about the dashboard components. This is your Dashboard that lists all your projects


Step 1

On your main dashboard or webapps page, click on any of the project. You will be opted to choose staging or production. You can choose the environment where you wanted to deploy / roll-out.


Step 2

Now on selecting the environment, you will be asked to confirm. So that you can either confirm and do rollout or just cancel if you have accidentally clicked on rollout button.

Confirm Rollout

How do I rollback to one of my Previous Version ?

Step 1

You can see all your deployments by clicking Deployments button. You can see all the deployments that you made till now With GIT last commit id and commit message

Deployments Button

Step 2

Now click on the environment and choose what you wanted to see

  1. Staging Deployments or
  2. Production Deployments

You can see here all the deployments that you have made till the current time. This might take few minutes to show up. Please be patient. Also the ACTIVE deployment will be highlighted in grey.

Deployments List

Step 3

You will see Rollback button on all the deployments other than the ACTIVE deployment.

You can click on Rollback button any of the deployment. System will get your confirmation and proceed to make your rollback and set that deployment as the ACTIVE Version.