Slack Configuration

Connect with Slack

Log in to your slack [https://[yourslackteam]] and click on Configure Apps > Custom Integrations > Incoming WebHooks

Watch the video and get the setup quickly

Configure Apps > Custom Integrations > Incoming WebHooks


Add Configuration

Add a new incoming webhook to add your slack integration

Add configuration

Channel setup

Either Create a new channel or choose a existing channel

Channel setup

Create a New Channel

Create a new channel called rolloutcd-alert

New Channel

Once you have created a channel called #rolloutcd-alert ( Refresh this page to see newly created channels in the select box )

and click on Add Incomming webhook Integration

Copy Webhook URL & Add webhook URL to rolloutcd configuration

Copy webhook URL

Now paste the webhook URL that you just copied in the Slack Webhook URL in Create/Edit Project and add the Channel name you gave there rollout-alerts

Slack Config

configuring webhook on rolloutcd

RolloutCD Config

rolloutcd slack notification last step